It is part of our philosophy to provide innovative and fresh ways to inspire and teach those who have made the choice to change their lives, and realise their ultimate health and happiness potential.


I'm Jodie Heselwood, Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach and Founder of The Whole Way. I am committed to encourage, guide and support people who aspire to reach and maintain their new outlook on life. I specialise in helping my clientele make more informed choices when it comes to the food they consume, the environment they live and work in, and the mindset that is required to obtain a more wholesome, happy, and healthy life.

The Whole Way offers ongoing support and updated information for people who have made the decision to take charge of their life, allowing them to move through manageable changes with ease and confidence.



The story of my journey how I took my life from crazy and feeling run down to healthy, happy and whole.


Follow our trip around Australia! Bringing whole and healthy foods to the table of Australian families.


Ready to take the next step? Contact me on how I can bring health and happiness back to your life.



My family and I are super excited to announce we are currently on a trip around Australia to spread our message about nutrition and wholesome living. So, it fit perfectly to lovingly call our trip  “The Whole Way Around” (pretty cool, right?)

We have become known as the Health Coach Family, in many towns we have already run programs which have changed peoples lives. Combining this with our love of 4wding and camping we are doing this the simplest way possible with our Hilux Ute and a Tent, enabling us to reach more remote communites, while enjoying our own adventure, showing others just how awesome it is to Live “The Whole Way”. If our family bunking with you and teaching about The Whole Life sounds too good to miss click below and fill in your details and you never know we may be crossing pass sooner than you think


"Jodie Heselwood is a 'Shifter', she creates shifts in people’s way of thinking about how to be healthy.  Out with waiting until you’re sick and in with prevention, but not in a dull boring way but rather with; passion, fun, enjoyment and along with that comes massive achievements in life and health outcomes.  Jodie is the person that can help people make change, no matter what stage of life, through her coaching, teaching, passion and love of life(style).  She is infectious, when you come in to contact with her, you will want what she has achieved in her own health and joy."

- Cyndi O'Meara "Changing Habits"




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