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I established my career as a Functional Nutrition Consultant and Lifestyle Coach and founded The Whole Way in 2016.

It has became my passion to educate others with my passion and knowledge with ways to live happier and healthier lives. As a teenager, I fell ill with glandular fever, an unfortunately common viral condition amongst teens and young adults in our society. I grew up in a typical Australian household, where what is known as the Standard Australian Diet (S.A.D), is commonplace.

For many families, where both parents are working and busy with household duties, nutrition scarcely becomes a priority. Quite often we forget the importance that this has to our health, and overall sense of wellbeing.

The Glandular Fever eventually developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and then worse, into depression. I struggled with my symptoms for years, to the point where they affected every aspect of my life, including my career and relationships. While living on the Sunshine Coast, I finally decided that enough was enough, and began painstakingly researching alternate lifestyle methods, including my diet.

After a few diet changes and within a few weeks, I started feeling better and less tired. My mind finally became clearer. So, for the last 8 years I have continued my research to gain further knowledge in pursuit of the life I have dreamed of: A healthy and happy one.

In July 2015 I enrolled in the FN Academy and graduated upon completion in June 2016.

I continue on my path of self-education by attending seminars among other renowned health professionals, allowing me to stay up-to-date and informed about new developments in organic health care and nutrition.

My home is in central Queensland, in a coastal town called Agnes Water/1770 with my Husband Mitch and two young children, Taye and Airlie. I continue to help people engage in their own path to well-being, through my unique and inspiring programs and initiatives (check out the testimonials through this website)

In 2017, my family and I embarked on a trip around Australia, spreading our message. You are able to follow our incredible journey via the Facebook page The Whole Way Around. If you would love to work together and are ready to change your life click the link below 


Jodie xx