19 GIFT IDEAS to healthify your Christmas

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1.     A BLENDER

A must have in any healthy kitchen. This is an item I cannot live without. From my morning Bullet Proof Coffee to my famous homemade ice-cream, I don’t go a day without using it. There many great ones on the market to suit any budget. Here are a few that I can personally recommend. Nutribullet, Vitamix and my number one fav – Thermomix.


Who wouldn’t be happy with a special, hand chosen oil. Mothers, daughters, Grandma’s, even my son enjoys his special oil spritzer as a pick me up. Whether it’s for the beautiful aroma or for the therapeutic qualities, essential oils make an amazing gift any time of year. Don’t forget to use your own to scent all your gifts as you wrap them as well! AND have a vaporiser going as your guests arrive on Christmas Day. My favorite brand of oils are from the one and only Twenty8.

3.     BOOKS

Books are always a winner for Christmas gifts, some of my most favourite ones look at easy ways to make healthy changes, whether it be through food or lifestyle. Check out these for some inspiration: Life Changing Cookbook, Like Chocolate for Woman, Changing Habits Cookbook, I Quit Sugar, The 5 Love Languages.


For that special person that has everything and really deserves some time out, what a special way to give them a super great start to the year ahead. I just love going to retreats and health workshops that inspire me to take care of myself and my family in new ways. Here are a few that I know of that are coming up. Refresh Juicing Retreat, Essential Self-care Weekend and keep an eye out for what Changing Habits has in store.


When making changes towards a healthier body, drinking more water is an easy first step. Just make sure it is quality water as there are so many hidden nasties in our tap water these days that can be causing us numerous health issues without us even knowing it. While we are travelling around Australia we use AcePot Bio , and for the home or office the Zazen. This is an investment but it pays of in the long run.



While we are on the subject of the importance of water, why not gift your friends and family a new eco-friendly water bottle in their stocking this Christmas. Nothing like a new drink bottle to inspire us to drink more water, right? There are some great option to check out HERE


One of my biggest secrets when keeping my face looking healthy is this sponge. It has been a god send to me and many of my clients that enjoy the effects after just one week of use. Made of 100% pure Konjac Vegetable, it is the softest, gentlest, most natural and effective cleansing sponge on the market. It removes impurities from the pores and buffs away dull, dry, dead cells without damaging your skin. It feels like I’m indulging in a mini facial every time I use it! Also, it’s great for babies and for those affected by skin conditions.

8.     WAX WRAPS

When trying to rid my kitchen of plastic, glad wrap was one of the first things to go. My clients struggle without this major item in their kitchen but here is one way to get around covering our food without the nasties found in glad wrap. Wax Wraps are super easy to make, why not support your local mums that are making them locally. On my travels around Australia I’ve seen them being sold in almost every local farmer markets. Get out this weekend to your local market and stock up on these and many other local goodies. If you don’t have them locally HERE is a website you can order some on.

9.     ENJO

Converting to a chemical free (healthy) home includes looking at the cleaning products you use. There are many chemical free cleaning products on the markets, you can find some HERE, but I personally love the one-time purchase of products that last. I’ve used Enjo for the past 12 years and love how effective it is and how easy it is for the kids to take part in the cleaning. What a great gift this would be for someone who has everything and there are some great gift ideas on their website.


A morning routine is not complete without a beautiful ‘Dry Body Brush’ before you step into a shower. This ritual not only makes me feel invigorated in the morning, it helps remove dry skin cells, assist blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, releases toxins, stimulates your nervous systems, muscle tone and eliminates clogged pours so you can absorb nutrients. A lovely gift to add to the stocking this Christmas.


You don’t have to be spiritual to enjoy a nice crystal. My kids and I love choosing a special crystal for our friends as a gift. Taking a little extra time while shopping for crystals and choosing one that will resonate with your special person will mean so much to them. Gifts with extra thoughts always goes a long way with me as I’m sure it will with for your gift receiver as well.


One of things that have helped me get through many of my cooking prep days is that little extra knowledge and skills that I’ve pick up during a few cooking classing I’ve taken. My personal favourite a Full Day at a Thai Cooking Class on the Sunshine Coast QLD, that I took part in with my mum. So many awesome little cooking and kitchen tricks to be learnt that will help make a food prep day go so much faster. Google classes for your area and order a gift voucher for your secret Santa this year, maybe even join them for the day.

13.   YOGA MAT

My gorgeous daughter Taye, has requested a Yoga Mat from Santa this year as she wants to join me in morning practice. So I thought I’d add this to the list as an idea for you. Sometimes not having a yoga mat is all that is holding someone back from enjoying this super special daily practice. Why not give this gift to someone that needs that little extra motivation to join you at your next class or home practice? Or if your special friend or family member already has one, then a super cute yoga mat bag/carrier might be an idea. PS HERE is my favourite YOGA app.

14.   TEA PACK

One, can never have too many tea’s to choose from.  I am almost always guaranteed to receive tea from my sister-in-law every Christmas and I always enjoy the trendy packaging that makes me feel special. Check out some more of my favourite teas HERE too.


Making the change from your current make-up and skin-care products to a natural version, can be super overwhelming, with the many products on the market claiming to be natural and even to the trained eye the list of ingredients can bamboozle you. So to take the hard work and confusion out of it, gift your loved ones some natural alternatives. I personally love and use Twenty8 products, and will definitely be gifting my family with some special treats from HERE. You can also check out THIS website for some other lovely products.


Why not treat your mum to a new slow cooker for Christmas. My slow cooker goes 24/7 at home and is an essential item in a busy “healthy” home. When you have a big family with a huge appetite, you can’t go wrong with a slow cooked meal. A super easy way to cook nourishing meal for big family or to prep meals in advance for just you. Either way you will love what can be created in a slow cooker. I know I do…


If you have that special someone that is new to using essential oils in the home, a diffuser is a great gift to get them started. I was gifted one years ago and I still think of the person who gave it to me every time I turn it on. A diffuser really makes a house a home, and I always enjoy the feeling I get when walking into the home with one on. And if you have a friend that already has one then a car diffuser might be a great idea too. We are currently using this car diffuser on our travels and have loved being able to take it anywhere with us and has really come in handy when we are in motels as well.


I always love putting a little more effort and love into my gifts. They also make a great gift for grandparents or for those that you don’t know very well. Some things I’ve made over the years that have been well received have been: healthy homemade milo, holiday spiced nuts, body scrub and granola, but the list is endless when you put your mind to it. Would love to see and hear what you create…


And last but not least gift a friend a one on one coaching sesh or program with me. What a better way to gift someone a super exciting start to their year than to be better informed on how to live a happy wholesome life and I am super passionate about assisting others in making that happen. Contact me today and let’s make this Christmas amazing.