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Our travels so far have taken us to the most northern point of Australia, the most eastern point, and this week we managed to get to the highest point of Australia!


The hike was a last-minute decision and we only had a few hours to prepare for it. The journey took 4.5 hours to complete and we were trekking uphill through snow with 4 kids under 7 and a thunderstorm looming. We were defying the odds but managed to conquer the mountain as well as our doubts. So how did we do it?


It was a lucky Break

As you know we only have two kids, so having the company of our close friend Dan and his two kids was a huge help. You may think adding two more younger kids to the mix would make it more challenging but having the company was a nice distraction from the exhaustion. It was forecasted to thunderstorm and those dark clouds followed us and motivated us to keep moving all the way to the top. The clouds kept us cool and offered a nice reprieve from what could have been a really hot day.


How we fueled ourselves..

As you know I am a Functional Nutrition Consultant so I was very strategic with the food that I fed my family on the day. I am usually very well prepared in advance for things like this, however it was a last-minute decision so we had to think fast and be creative. We quickly put together a nutritious and dense quiche the night before that we could snack on with avocado for breakfast and morning tea. Made with love by my hubby Mitch, I trained him well!

The quiche gave us the protein and fats for long lasting energy, as appose to a quick sugar hit this option was very sustaining and light on our bellies. I had a Bullet Proof Coffee for the extra fats and for energy as well. I also packed carrot sticks, a mix of nuts, cacao melts & dates and some homemade organic popcorn for a special light-weight treat for the kids when we hit the top. Apples were also packed for the walk back down. I must confess, I did bribe the children with a special treat of Loving Earth Chocolate at the end. But only if they didn’t complain the entire walk and, surprise! It worked! They don’t get sugar often so it was a great incentive for them.


Was it worth it?

Absolutely. The view from the top was breathtaking! But the journey was the real accomplishment. It was an unforgettable experience that we are super grateful to have shared with our kids. We had wanted to bring the kids to the snow and we were devastated that we didn’t get south early enough for us to reach that goal, but in the end we were stoked that there was still snow there for them to experience and we look forward to planning a real Winter Snow Trip next time.