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If you are looking for more out of life and don't know where to start? It is my absolute passion to assist and empower you in making the change towards a happier and healthier life.




My workshops offers quick and easy to follow information to move forward on their journey. Great for mothers groups, workplace info sessions, social gatherings or a just a group of friends or strangers, wanting to gain knowledge.

Since beginning my journey to a healthier lifestyle just over 3 years ago, I have spent a lot of time trying to find best way to go about it, and at times have struggled to stay on track. W hile working with Jodie through her 6 week course, First Steps to Change, it was encouraging to discover that I was on the right path, which has given me the motivation I needed to work towards completing my transition. Listening to and learning from Jodie is easy, you only need to look at her to see that a healthy and happy lifestyle is achievable and within reach, if you want it. Jodie has done all the hard work and has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to share with you. So whether you are just beginning your journey, or well on your way, I would highly recommend Jodie. She is an inspiration and will give you the tools, motivation and ongoing support you need to go the ‘W hole W ay’ I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join Jodie and meet a lovely bunch of like-minded local ladies to share this experience with.
— Simone Neilsen - First Steps to Change


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