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Are you a mumma?

Feeling alone, confused, isolated, remote?

Do you need support with bringing health into the home or just need some girlfriends to vent to?

Why not join me and a group of like-minded women in a Virtual chat? They’ll be conducted right after school drop off, so you can really relax and immerse yourself in the conversation.

You can sit at your local cafe, park or at home, wherever you like to enjoy your morning coffee after you’re finished with the morning rush.

We can chat all things mumma struggles, hubby frustrations and you can tap into my knowledge of all things related to creating a wholesome life for your beautiful family.

Possible Topics:
- fussy eaters
- mindset
- self care
- managing stress
- weight loss
- energy levels
- budgeting
- how to read labels
- oh lord the list is endless, hehe...

We all wish we had a go-to with our pending questions. Well now you can with our weekly catch ups.... designed as a nourishing space for your questions to be answered and inspiration towards wholesome living to thrive. 

I am taking limited numbers of 5 per group so we all have our chance to chat and ask questions. 



WHEN: Every Wednesday : 9:30am - 10:30am AEST

HOW: Online using your phone or computer (Webinar Link)

COST: $57 a month  (ongoing with no obligation, cancel at the end of any month)

INCLUDED: FREE access to a Private Facebook Group so we can continue our chat and accomplishments with the group throughout the week. As well as a place I can share my resources when you need them.


"I absolutely love The Whole Way! I recommend this to anyone at any stage of their health journey. Jodie is kind, caring and passionate about helping you learn further about your health and well-being. Don't think twice about doing this, just do it! You'll love every moment of it."
Kodie Axelsen

Contact me if you require any further information, or would like to request an event held in your area.

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